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Nail Caps

Friends of By the Pond Pet Spa

Loving CARE when you’re NOT there!

Visit www.lisa-pet.services
or phone 1-519-716-6902.
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Pound Dog Rescue

Pound Dog Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer run organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs in Southern Ontario pounds and low resource shelters.  It is our mission to adopt these dogs out to loving, secure homes so that they never again deal with the devastation of being lost, homeless, or abandoned and facing certain euthanasia due to space limitations at overwhelmed pound facilities.

Before you consider adopting, please read about Pound Dog Rescue’s adoption process and policies.

Click the button to download the Adoption Application Form in a Microsoft Word file format. Fill it in on the computer or by hand, and email it to us at pounddog.ca@gmail.com.

Pet Food & Supplies

Masters ‘N Hounds offers a wide selection of quality food for your pet and plenty of supplies to fit their needs. Call (519) 696-3647, or visit www.mastersnhounds.ca for more info.


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Pet Care Accessories

Stress free at home dog grooming solution.
Used by dog groomers & animal clinics across the Canada & US.
Invented by a Veterinarian.


What's a Doggie Lift?

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